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Jeannie entered eternal rest on
~ 7/29/2014 ~

She has reunited with her beloved son and family members in heaven.

Tributes and Condolences
My Memory Library By Sarah Blackstone   / Kelli George's Mom Lorraine (Connected by Angels )
Imagine if I was given one moment, just a single slice of my past. I could hold it close forever, and that moment would always last. I'd put the moment in a safe, within my hearts abode. I could open it when I wanted, and only I would know the code. ...  Continue >>
ThanksGiving 2016   / Kelli George's Mom Lorraine (Connected by angels )
A THANKSGIVING PRAYER FOR GRIEVING FAMILIES Dear Father who art in Heaven…. Please join our family on this Thanksgiving Day And bless each one as we sit down to pray As we remember those who have joined You above So dearly missed and d...  Continue >>
dec9-09 / Mother To Son     Read >>
oct10 / Mom     Read >>
LIFE.....OCT5-09 / JJEANNIE Mazur (MOM)    Read >>
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